Book Review: The Builders

Book Title: The Builders thebuilders

Book Author: Tonya Cannariato

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

Has potential triggers that have to do with feelings and thoughts about abuse and rape. 

This is a sci-fi novel with elements of adventure and lesbian romance. It’s a powerful book filled with deep thoughts about life and meanings behind relationships. At times, it was difficult to understand her emotions and or why she was doing the things she was doing. Tara’s most important being was a cat by the name of Bear. It was always happy thoughts about him and at one point made me a little sad making my rating lower for the book. I zoomed through the book in the beginning. It was fast paced with her trying to get back home and then it slowed down once she learned more and more about her romantic interest – a female alien.

It’s a great book to read.

I recommend this novel for 18+.

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