Book Review: Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

Book Title: Time Cat tc

Book Author: Lloyd Alexander

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Blurb: Gareth’s definitely no ordinary cat. For one thing, he can talk. For another, he’s got the power to travel through time. And the instant he tells this to Jason, the two of them are in ancient Egypt, on the first of nine amazing adventures that Jason will never forget.


This book is number 1 on my list for Middle Grade Fiction. I read it for the first time when I was thirteen. It was after I felt comfortable that I could read in English and understand what I was reading. I found the book in the school library and spent my breaks reading. It’s a quick read with lots of lessons for young boys and girls. I love how the adventure feels exciting and both learn something. I bought myself a copy a couple of days ago and look forward to reading it for my son when he will be old enough to listen about Egypt, Peru, and the other places Jason visits with Gareth.

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