Angelina Monday – Places which inspire my writing

Wow! I haven’t really thought this much about places in my life. *Thinks hard*

Rose Garden- Over the years, I have visited several rose gardens. All of them are amazing. They allow one to relax, breathe in the aroma, and people watch. I’ve seen weddings, graduations, and family outings. Over hearing conversations is considered to be rude, but if you sit down on a bench or grass… it’s hard not to, so sometimes the patrons can be an inspiration.

Solvang, California – One of my favorite places is Solvang. It’s positioned between a casino and an ostrich farm. The small Danish themed town is really about three streets. It doesn’t have huge stores or movie theatre. All stores (not counting the wineries) close pretty early so you’re left to roam the streets, drink wine, or rest in your hotel room. The best time to visit is during Winter holidays because most stores put out a Christmas tree and all of them are decorated differently! It’s been an inspiration for my holiday themed stories and places in my books like – bakeries.

Grand Canyon – I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon three times. Whenever, I’m stuck on a paragraph or two, I like thinking about the views that I remember from my visits. It’s also a hard memory because we know of one man who died there when he saved a child. His death always makes me think about my surroundings and how things can happen out of nowhere. Also, if anyone remembers watching The Flintstones, but there’s an episode when they see the ‘future grand canyon’ which helps my thinking process – What were things like for a location 10 years ago…. 20 years ago….100 years ago. When it comes to writing fiction, one still have to make sure if people had toilets for instance in 1400 and how different they are from today.

Millennium Park, Chicago – This park is huge!!!! My feet hurt when I visited it, but it’s very memorable and sometimes I think about it when I write. Each part of the park has own vibe. Whenever, I need to think about writing about a huge event in a story or one that involves a lot of characters, I think back to the people who explored the park on the day I visited.

There are probably a lot more locations, but for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about places that I consider to be an inspiration.

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