#Blog Tour: Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun #ShortStory #Paranormal #Romance #Giveaway #Ghosts

Book Title: Dead over Heels  Release Date: November 16, 2016 Book Author: Theresa Braun Genre: Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance/ Ghost Story Source: R&R Blog Tours Rating: 4 Dragon Paws  For 16+. Blurb: Veronica’s first date with Sebastian not only stirs up a powerful attraction, but also a series of supernatural events that will tear them apart.Continue reading “#Blog Tour: Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun #ShortStory #Paranormal #Romance #Giveaway #Ghosts”

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I am thankful to all of my followers on WordPress. Thank you. I have almost reached a 100! So exciting. As a thank you, I want to share with you my short story about a high school crush. However, I can’t send you the short story if I don’t have your email, which is whyContinue reading “Subscribe to receive your free story”

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Hi everyone, I’m not trying to be repetitive, however, there were some problems with the previous subscription pop-up so I am trying it this way. Yearbook’s Hidden Message, a short story by Angelina Kerner Here’s your chance to receive your copy. Get it, absolutely free. Just type in your email address and a comment aboutContinue reading “Send me a message to receive your free story”

My last night’s dream: To hell with the past

So last night, I had a dream that I just had to turn into a short story. Enjoy and let me know if you guys liked it.  As, I was visiting at an excluded lunch bench, far away from the café; I looked upon a very interesting scene. Three people just dropped to the groundContinue reading “My last night’s dream: To hell with the past”