Book Review: Stone Quest (Middengard Sagas #2)

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Book TitleStone Quest (Middengard Sagas #2) sk2

Book Author: June Wilson

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I may have predicted who is the bad guy in book 2, but I had no idea how it will be revealed. So much happened – new characters, new lessons, death, war, search for the second stone, and betrayal. This book had me on edge for most of the adventure. I didn’t know if someone would die at any moment or someone would betray or worse forget the adventure all together. I can’t wait to read book 3. It’s next on my list. This is a great fantasy adventure. ^_^

I’d say this series will be good for 15+. Book 2 could be for a little older like 17+ mainly because there are some important concepts to grasp that a younger person may miss and not enjoy the story as much.