My Journey while writing Deity’s Soulmate

My novel : book cover is a work of paranormal romance mixed with parables, poetry, soap opera and Hellenic cosmology.

I absolutely adore the twins, Ri and Ra, and of course, their father Villam.  In the future, I am hoping for my sister to draw them in their human forms. The cover shows Ri in his dragon form… so three guesses on how Ra looks. 😉

Recently, I went to a ceramic painting studio and chose myself a dragon, Villam, to be more precise. villam 2  It took about six hours just to do his scales! I’m so very proud of my work.

Drum roll please! Or Get ready to set the fireworks out in the field.


Book Two is coming along nicely. I am thinking the cover will have Gardenia with Ri in their human forms. Not sure about their environment yet, though. So far, I have forty pages… mainly because I keep rewriting this one scene! It has to be perfect, just like their soulmate bond.

There will more illustrations  to enhance and supplement the descriptions and dialogue, so don’t worry, you’ll get to see more of my favorite couple… though they do rival Omari and Zack in my not published novel…. but that’s for another post.

quote resized.png

Thanks for reading. ^_^

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