Book review: The Mardi Gras Chase

Title: The Mardi Gras Chase Snip20160530_9

Author: Maggie M. Larche

Source: Received as a gift for an honest book review

My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints d5d4d3d2d1

After finishing reading The Mardi Gras Chase, I realized how awesome it used to be a kid. It made me think of the books that I’ve read when I was a kid, with one of them being, Time Cat. At least that’s what I think the title was. It was pure pleasure to loose myself in the Children’s Middle Grade (ages 8-12) genre. The book should be at the top of the list for any parent.

It is a story about a girl, Melanie, who’s not a fan of Mardi Gras, that is until she realizes that the floats are sending a secret message that needs to be cracked. Melanie, along with her two best friends, Kate and Faye, decide to crack the code… even getting Matt in trouble with the police to do it.

The story is fun to read, fast paced, and interesting. I think the kids would like to see some illustrations, like of the floats, the warehouse, and the cemetery. I know that I would. 😉

I would recommend to anyone to read it who is in the age group of 8-12, and some adults who want to feel like a kid again for a short amount of time.

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