Book Review: Wit’ch Fire

TitleWit’ch Fire wf

Author: James Clemens

Source: Bought from a passing bookstore years ago

My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints5 paws
It’s hard to find novels that leave a mark on an individual. Usually, it’s enough to read a novel once. However, when one finds a novel that they will have a pleasure rereading and finding new things behind the story line… those novels are worth the wait. Witch Fire, is one of those novels that I can reread every year and still love the story and the characters. Of course, Witch Fire, is only book 1 in the series… so it is the focus of the review. I love the series. Read them!

It is a story about a young girl, Elena, who grows to be a young woman later in the story line, going a journey and learn about her witch powers, all the while hiding from the Dark Lord and find her brother. She gains help from one-armed juggler Er’ril (who is my favorite character), Nee’lahn, Kral and many more. (There’s too much to say about the book, bringing in spoilers which would be bad.)

Clemens is an amazing story teller and I strive to rival his talent in the future. He was able to keep the essence of all the characters throughout the series and keeping me interested and thinking about the unfolding events.

If you’re looking to read a fantasy novel, I highly recommend reading Witch Fire. Believe me, you will get hooked and end up reading the entire series. This book is for young adults and older.

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