Book Review: Fated Memories

Novel Title: Fated Memoriesfm
Author: Joan Carney
Source: Gifted by the author for an honest review
Score: 4 Dragon Prints paw

Joan Carney’s, Fated Memories, novel was a fantastic read. It transports the reader to the time of Civil War and follows a group of friends who are lost in the past, Kitty, Mags, and Simon. The novel is well written and I can that a lot of research went into it.

There were a couple of expectations from me for this novel. I believed that it would be a while before the point of view changes to Kitty’s, so it took a while to realize that I will not hear the private thoughts of Mags. I also believed that I would see scenes where the girls would talk about their past and bring up some material goods, the only time where I read Kitty bringing up the material goods from the future was when she was telling Sam of who she is… and that was very late in the story. I’ve also been waiting for the girls to fix the locket right away and not just when Simon and Mags decided to take that big step for their future. When Simon returned wounded from the war, Kitty was safe and sound, I expected Simon to talk about their friends who fought with him – mainly the man who wanted to call on Kitty. Did he live? So that part was not too realistic, though I did like the ending and of how they learned the truth of how they time traveled.

There is a big plus to this story, well two. First, it keeps you guessing on what happens next. Second, the Miss Carney was not afraid to write things that were critical to the story line. Some authors are afraid to hurt their characters and Miss Carney was not. Was a pleasure to know that she gave it all to this novel.

If you’re looking to read a time travel, romance and love history then I highly recommend reading this novel. This book is for young adults and older.

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