Gardenia and Ri

Sketches of Gardenia with her soulmate, Ri. What do you guys think?


20 Comments on “Gardenia and Ri

  1. I really like the first one. It seems like someone is watching them in a crystal ball. Very nice technique there with the blue crystal! I also like the third one. We can see she is wearing casual clothes, but then I also see an outline of the dress. The stars are pretty, too. I like how her hair is showing the universe.

    Nice work!

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  2. Love the first one, the idea behind the crystal ball is very fitting and using that idea as the cover would be great.
    Second one, I like looks like a nice casual one.
    The third, I like, the pose and the stars. But think the outfits don’t suite though.
    The fourth I think there’s too many flames but it’s good idea.

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