Book Review: Wisteria Witches

Title:  Wisteria Witches Snip20160827_20

Author: Angela Pepper

Source: Downloaded free Kindle book from Amazon.

My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints d5d4d3d2d1


Oh, what a fun read. It’s about Zara and her daughter Zoey (age 16) move to Wisteria and what they find in their new house and learn about themselves. This is my second novel that involves librarians and magic and both of them are really different and for slightly different audiences.

Zara is a fun mom and her relationship with Zoey reminded me of the show Gilmore Girls. I liked that show when I was younger. Zara is a natural when it comes to parenting and flirting with handsome neighbors. There is a lot of flirtation and Zara isn’t afraid to say how she feels… about anything. Romance begins to blossom towards the end so this novel is really more about Zara and Zoey, solving a mystery about previous owner of the house. The findings were surprising, but I wasn’t paying attention much to the mystery. I was more focused on Zara.

A must read.

I highly recommend to the readers  (18+ years) who have an interest in paranormal romance, witches, and shifters.

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