Update 4 for A gift of Short Story

Original Post: A Gift of Short Story

Since, I don’t want to miss any of the requests, I will add an update each time I get one.

Request # 1:

  • By: jrhandleyblog
  • “Military science fiction set in 4987AD!😉 Lots of blood, sex and action packed into it, high octane baby!!”
    • Some science fiction authors write their story lines touching on the year
    • The easier would be to write blood and sex… action could be difficult.. well I’ll need chips and popcorn and soda to get creative. It will happen!

PS: If you guys have any ideas about the action, I may take them. 😉 

Request # 2:

  • By: Tammy @ a word about books
  • I did not receive her request yet, but she will give it to me soon. ^_^

Request # 3:

  • By: Quintessential Editor
  • “Genre: Dystopian Future
    • Idea: In a future society truth is valued more than any currency. So much so that when a baby is born a chip is implanted into their brain. This chip prevents the impulse to lie. This system has been in place long enough for everyone to be fitted with a chip. A solar flare from the sun disables all of the chips. However, there are no sparks or pain. They just simply switch off.
    • Whatever gender character allows you to be more creative.
    • The distance future.”
      • Main character will be female since I think for this topic, it would be easier to write from a perspective that I may have better a better connection with
      • I already have an idea for the beginning and the ending… now I just need to think up the middle.

PS: If you guys have an idea on future year it should be, I’m willing to hear opinions

Request # 4:

  • By: Nil
  • “Genre: Historical
    • Idea: The MC has been training to assassinate the king for years. However, she ends up finding out that she is actually the king’s long lost daughter.
    • Preferably female, but gender doesn’t really matter.”
      • Main Character: Female
      • thinking the story will happen during the winter season

PS: If you guys have an idea on a King, let me know ^_^

Request # 5:

  • By: Shadow Summit
  • “Genre – Fantasy
    • Synopsis – A kings warrior is sent to capture and kill a known traitorous sorcerer, but the target turns out to be the kings nephew, the warriors former friend and the heir to the throne. Suspicious towards the reason he was sent on the mission, the warrior decides to investigate the situation further. Is his king in the wrong or has his old friend truly changed? Either way, his loyalty is about to be tested.
    • Male
      • Think that I will name him: John Culligan, son of Sebastian
      • He be at the age of 26
      • Height at 5.9 ft
      • Physique – strong, fit like a warrior should be
      • Hair – black, short, curls at the neck
      • Eyes – brown
      • Character: Righteous, Empathic, Suspicious, Intelligent, Somewhat detached from other people due to his work for the King.
      • Skills: Proficient fighter with sword and shield
      • Ability: Deductive reasoning; able to communicate with wooden animals (useful on errands when catching fugitives)
    • Year – Well I’d like fantasy… so swords and stuff like that… kind of medieval.
    • No zombies and apocalypse- Perfectly fine, no zombies needed.😀
      • Thank the stars!
    • 4,000 words- Whatever you write it will be beautiful.
      • Thank you, will try my best.
    • Questions- Feel free to ask me anything further.


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