Book Review: Writer’s Dementia

Book Title: Writer’s Dementia writers

Book Author: Stephen Measure

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


This is a short story that I found on Amazon. I looked for it on Goodreads, but I didn’t find it there.

This story is about a character named Natasha who wishes to be put put into a story by the author who thought her up. She, along with other characters realize that their author had dementia and that she’s been affected. She needs to find a story and become part of it before she disappears forever!

Natasha is a good character and trustworthy one. When she finally found a door to a first story, she didn’t go in. She didn’t want to steal the spot that belonged to one of her friends in the waiting area for thought up characters without their homes. That was a really nice touch.

It was really interesting meeting Alter-Simon. The author did a good job showing feelings of a character that was put on hold. It was also interesting how Shame, Worry, and Obsession were brought into the story line, what imagination.

Characters have souls, too. There are different type of characters and each type has their own room in the mind.

I agree with the author. Do characters have an afterlife?

I recommend this short story to writers everywhere. We all get these type of thoughts in our heads so it’s nice to see them in writing.

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