Book Review: Murder on the Menu (Nikki Hunter #1)

Book Title:Murder on the Menu (Nikki Hunter #1) sleuth

Book Author: Nancy Skopin

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


This is a story about a dog named D’Artagnon who is truly a girl’s best friend and a fierce protector. Okay, it’s not really about the awesome dog, but I really loved seeing a dog save the day. This novel is about a PI, Nikki, who got hired to investigate a girl’s death. Also, it was her first murder case so it was no surprise when she was feeling ‘human.’

It was a real treat to read this. This is book 1 out of 6, very well written, enough details, and one can tell that the author really knows what she wrote about. A fast and entertaining read, easy to connect with the characters and there were a ton of possibilities on who was the murderer. I admit that I was wrong on my assumption on who it was and it mainly was due to Elizabeth, Nikki’s best friend.

I recommend this to eighteen and over.

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