Book Review: A Lady’s Revenge

Book Title: A Lady’s Revenge revenge

Book Author: Tracey Devlyn

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: N/A

I admit, the story is good. The novel is well written and the events are happening during Napoleon’s time. The story is about Cora’s revenge. Her parents were murdered before her eyes when she was ten. At age of sixteen she started working for Nexus. After she’s saved by her love interest, Guy, she’s recovering and reliving past painful moments. A lot for a young woman. Also, at that year, women were seen differently and there was prominent sexism.

However, I was not able to finish this book. First time ever. I stopped reading after a kitten was killed. I don’t think that it was necessary for Tracey to write kill off an animal. It’s barbaric and doesn’t add to the plot. I rather have Cora’s maid killed because well she escaped death on multiple occasions and it would have been a bigger impact on Cora. I don’t know if the maid gets killed off later on, but I didn’t want to read further. I thought the kitten was brought in into the story line to comfort the character, not to die heroically.

Looks like I will have to find another book about revenge for the fall bingo.

This novel is for eighteen and over. If you don’t mind reading about dead kittens, you may have a better luck finishing this novel.


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