Book Review: Haunted Essence

Book Title: Haunted Essence haunted

Book Authors: L. A. Brown

Source: Was gifted by the author for an honest review

Rating: 4.5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a beautifully written fantasy novel brought to you by L.A. Brown.

It’s about Aurora Night, a girl who is suddenly dropped into a magical world, along with sexy William, bossy Garnet, playful Vee, and Willow’s unlikable character by the name of Kan. Only in the last pages, you learn about Kan’s identity, Aurora’s feelings for a certain dangerous one, and learn about Garnet’s willingness to finally move on from his past.

The novel’s pace is a little slow, but it does move the story along. Warning: It ends on a somewhat cliffhanger so there should be a book 2 coming out in the future. Also, if events concerning Willow went another way than I would not want to read book 2, but all good.

It was nice to see such a great character development. All characters, except for Kan, went through a transformation. I didn’t like Aurora at the beginning and frankly she’s still not my favorite character, Garnet is.She did start to grow on me as she learned more and more about herself. L.A. Brown did a terrific job showing that the girl within Aurora and didn’t push her to grow up too fast, though Aurora did enter a dangerous lifestyle.

It was nice to see a new spin on the Shadow Walkers. We saw story’s events from multiple point of views and experienced a different side to William who is a hybrid mystical creature. The demon within was perfect and made things much more interesting. He balanced out the whimsy side of William and it was a laugh.

I would love to see other cover ideas. Would be nice to see Garnet and William on the cover or maybe the evil queen. Oh, and I want to know what happens to Harsha in book 2. She’s really asking for it. Also, would be nice for Sam to be just gone already. He did enough to scar Aurora and enough killing.

I recommend this novel to fantasy lovers. ^_^



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