Book Review: Envious

Book Title: Envious envious_cover_for_kindle

Book Author: Katie Keller-Nieman

Source: I was given a free electronic copy of this book by the author, in accordance with the terms of For Love of a Book’s Advance Reader Opportunity Program.

Rating: 3 Dragon Paws paw

This is a novel about a young girl in college who at first thought that she was crazy. I mean what type of a teen girl wouldn’t, after having day dreams and dreams or visions of what seems to be past lives? As the story goes deeper into Cassandra’s psyche and she comes close to real bad encounters, we realize that no, she’s not crazy, but in fact she did live all those lives. The ending which is a cliffhanger proved it.

The story is well written and I find that Katie chose a perfect name for her character- Cassandra. When Cassandra finally tells someone about her visions, she’s not believed, just like Cassandra of Troy. People did not believe her prophesies and I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, Cassandra of Troy was an inspiration for the author when it came it came to her own Cassandra. If, not, well now she can say that she was the inspiration. 😉

It takes a while to get into the story and it helps that it’s well written. It took a while to realize that she didn’t start showing from their first life but from the life before the present. I still don’t know Aurora’s motivation for the reason behind what she did. It couldn’t be just jealousy and if it was just jealousy… having them be reborn again and again to only be made her ‘dogs’ were not really in her favor unless she really did love him. However, she didn’t know that Cassandra would be in the mix… so that’s confusing. Book 2 should reveal the motivations behind Aurora. Also, it was funny how Aurora was the evil girl. Usually, Aurora (name) is good for characters so it was a nice little twist.

This book is recommended for readers who like soulmates, challenges, past lives, magic, and romance. Also, readers should be okay with reading about alcohol and drug consumption, violence, and sex.


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