Book Review: Envious Obsession

Book Title: Envious Obsession envious

Book Author: Katie Keller-Nieman

Source: K.U.

Rating: 3 Dragon Paws paw

This is book 2 in the series by Keller-Nieman. You can find my review of book 1 here.

Book 2 focuses more on Cassandra’s cousin – his past, present (somewhat warped thanks to an event) and the obsession by Aurora. I wasn’t a big fan of book 1, but when I saw that book 2 was on K.U., I thought to give it another chance, especially to see what happens to Cassandra and if her visions were really real or due to something else together.

Todd. Todd is a messed type of guy. His life is hell with a bad mother. What good gets attached to him, doesn’t really stick which makes me a little sad because he was better with good influences around him.

It’s hard book to read because one gets inside the head of a drug addict. It’s not my usual cup of tea so I hated it and found it intriguing at the same time. The author did a good job bringing out all of the elements of an addict, though so people who have similar problems could maybe relate to Todd. The book could have a littler shorter, it’s a long read if it’s not your usual genre, but it came a finish that I may want to pick up in book 3. I’m not sure yet.

This book is recommended for readers who like soulmates, challenges, past lives, magic, and romance. Also, readers should be okay with reading about alcohol and drug consumption, violence, and sex.

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