Book Review: Pastels and Jingle Bells

Book Title: Pastels and Jingle Bells (Heavenly Bites #1)


Book Author: Christine S. Feldman

Source: Downloaded from Amazon for free!

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

So I saw K. J. Chapman’s review of this novella and decided to downloaded it. I just Christmas stories, especially when they’re short and are free!

It was a very warm story, surrounding three people, Trish and Ian and his daughter. It was a shock for Trish to see her childhood’s arch enemy and even more of a shock when she saw that he grew up very nicely. It was perfect on how Ian found out about his past with Trish. Thank you Pop! I was waiting for that moment since I’ve read that he was taking her to Pop’s restaurant.

Christine did a good job of writing a Christmas novella and I’m looking forward to exploring more of her work.

Highly recommend to all readers who need more holiday cheer this season!

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