Book Review: Murder at Lowry House

Book Title: Murder at Lowry House snip20170204_11

Book Author: Leighann Dobbs

Source: Downloaded from Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


So this is my first time venturing out into Leighann’s other series. It was interesting and fun to read, especially about Hazel’s feline companion.

Hazel received a letter about someone thinking that she was being targeted for death. Being a mystery author and having insight into how cops work from past experiences, she decided to follow up on the letter by going to the Lowry House. Things took a turn after she got there, especially with her buying a new dress. 😉

What I liked about Hazel was her not so perfect nature. She made assumptions and things were bad from those assumptions. Though, she could write a great mystery novel, in reality, it was a different experience where things were more complicated. While being at the house, she did start and finish her next novel and the real life experience really did help her to get out of the funk and she learned something about herself in the process.

It’s a fast read, a little travel of going to the past for the reader, but interesting nonetheless.

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