Book Review: Nothing to Croak About (Silver Hollow #3)

Book Title: Nothing to Croak About (Silver Hollow #3) Snip20170313_3

Book Author: Leighann Dobbs

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


So, I was waiting for this book for like forever. I just adore this series. Issy is a fun character and I’m glad that …. oops almost said something that many would find to be a spoiler alert.

Anyway, there’s another death in town and the witch cousins are at it again! Solving the case that is. Seriously, they should be hired as consultants by the police or the FBPI… keep your enemies close kind of thing. Gordon, Dex’s pet has grown and we learned about what treats he likes (hopefully people don’t consider that a spoiler ;)). Also, I’m thinking in book 4, it’s going to heat up. Dex’s boss will return to the scene, we will learn more about the new character that graced the town, and hopefully will learn about DeeDee’s match. Maybe, he’s not that bad? For some reason, I think it’s the new character that graced the town…but hey I’m probably wrong.

Miss Dobbs did it again with this one. She’s still a favorite read of mine. I like hoe easy the reading is and that I was able to read it so fast in my small personal breaks. I recommend it to 16 and over.


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