Book Review: Beacon (The Luminary Saga #2)

Book Title:  Beacon (The Luminary Saga #2) beacon

Book Author: P.S. Meraux

Source: Gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


Before I get to the review…. Can the author email me book 3? Yes, dear readers, the series is still gripping! ^_^

To remind you, this book is about different groups of individuals – the Paragons, the Luminary, shape shifters, immortals, and humans. The first book was predominately written from Wicus’s point of view, this book (second in the series) is predominately written from Waxine’s. It was interesting getting inside her head. The author is consistent with the characters and the point of views from the humans are fantastic!

We don’t know anything more about the evil plot, though we do know more on the vampires… and that Wicus’s favorite mortal has more soul mates than originally needed.

Confession 1: I hate love triangles. There’s something about them that makes me cringe and put down a book. I like how love blossoms between the two main characters and all of the twists that authors come up to tell the same story. But, when a third person is there, it breaks the balance so in a way, I totally agree with Ozel- how would Emily choose???

Confession 2: The love triangle didn’t make me cringe! And that’s a first. I think it’s maybe the story line itself or that the book is written predominately from a third party who is not in the relationship. The third party is there to watch and do its job as watching out for soulmates to meet each other and I think that’s real hook right there.

The book has a good ending and a preview into book 3. I would recommend it to older teens of 16 and older.

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