Book Review: Spellbound (Immortal Love Series Book 3)

Book Title: Spellbound (Immortal Love Series Book 3) santos3

Book Author:  Anna Santos

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

For 18+

Jessica had enough. She’s on the run and has a plan to take down Allaric, the one that everyone wants to get revenge on. She also wants to do it without her soulmate, whom was really stupid in book two.

There is sex, violence, and rape in this one so don’t read if you can’t handle. 

Oh, there’s a guy on the cover! That’s new. I still like the cover. The covers on Amazon are so much better than the ones that Goodreads has…just a side note.

We really got inside Allaric’s head this time and got to know Beth (you won’t guess who her soulmate is). There’s a lot going on and really good lines also at times funny- of course not during the violent or rape scenes. I really want to know what Valentina’s mate has in store for her and want to know who is Anna’s brother’s mate is…. hoping book 4 will reveal all that and I hope that everything will be good for Beth. Fingers crossed.


I recommend this novel for those who like reading about soulmates, romance, potions, and spells gone wrong.

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