Book Review: The Witch and the Vampire King (Immortal Love Series Book 2)

Book Title: The Witch and the Vampire King (Immortal Love Series Book 2) santos2

Book Author:  Anna Santos

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

The cover is awesome and eye-catchy just like for book 1. In this one, it’s not just about Anna and Shane but her witchy friend, Jessica and her soulmate. The author’s quality of writing has improved with this continuation which made it a really fun read.

I really liked on how the author span Jessica’s relationship. It felt like it would be a challenge to organize everything-especially the times when Jessica lost her memories. Also, it was fun getting to know Anna’s family and get glimpses of what’s to come with the whole revenge thing. This book ends a cliffhanger so it’s a good thing that there book 3 is available to read.

Oh, and we learn more about the identity of the guy that Anna and Jessica want revenge on. It’s twisted, especially after we meet Valentina.

I recommend this novel for those who like reading about soulmates, romance, witches, and reincarnation.

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