Follow the Snowflakes, A Christmas Novella is officially published!

Okay –  so as of 10am on Decemeber 15, 2017, here are the stats:

Reviews on Amazon US – 11 (Amazing! Thank you to all the readers)

Rating on Amazon US – 4.2 stars (Not bad)

I thanked everyone on there.

Amazon UK Reviews – 2

Rating on Amazon UK – 4.0

I thanked everyone on there.

Amazon Canada – 1

Rating on Amazon Canada – 4.0

I thanked everyone on there.

Reviews on Goodreads – 23 (whooo hoooo)

Ratings on Goodreads– 27 (yey!)

Rating on Goodreads – 4.26 (not bad)

I thanked everyone on there. Oh and one awesome reader said that they’re buying the novella for a friend! So exciting!

And another reminder about the tour!

Follow the Snowflakes2

Follow the Snowflakes Virtual Book Tour Wrap-Up

I thanked every blogger! Only right since they put in their time to read and check out my novella. Awesome bloggers they are. Follow them!

I recommend Shannon for your book tours needs!

A thank you to Kelli! She was in charge of a winter get together for authors and readers and I met awesome authors and readers thanks to her on Facebook. Look at the banner she created! Kelli runs – Totally Talented Promotions. An awesome person and I can’t wait for the event in February. Considering the fact that my knowledge of Facebook is limited, having her help promote my novella was fantastic! I recommend her for your Facebook promotions!


I decided that you guys can participate in trivia till the 22nd of December! I’m still tallying how many points each of you have. Leave some comments! I want to know your favorite singers, what you like with fries, etc.

1 days until release of Follow the Snowflakes – Post #25 (see pinned post for contest rules) #swag #bookswag #contest #prereleaseparty @kernerangelina

Thank you!



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