Life Update – house emergency

Hello my beautiful friends and readers,

It’s going to take longer to count up the winners from my trivia party. I’m really sorry about that but that means you have until December 31st to join in the party. 1 days until release of Follow the Snowflakes – Post #25 (see pinned post for contest rules) #swag #bookswag #contest #prereleaseparty @kernerangelina


Because I have a house emergency!

As water mitigation goes, I have water damage in the kitchen and my pipes and the damage is a level 3…whatever that means but I won’t have access to my kitchen for 7 days so I’ll be living off burgers and pizza.

I told them that I have a ten month old little boy so everything has to be done extra careful cause they would need to dry out the walls and stuff so there will be a tent in my kitchen!

Merry Christmas to me!

Oh, and why it all happened? Because of the refrigerator’s supply line. It broke and created a problem. Agh. Not happy. It’s expensive and good thing, I have house insurance, but no clue how much is going to be out of my pocket.

Anyway, I’ll try to post updates if I get any free time. But, mainly I’m going to be running around, working, and taking care of my son….a full plate.

OH!!! What makes me mad.

I called a plumber yesterday and they said that they will stop by and they never did so I have to find another plumber!

OH!!! What makes me sad.

With all of this going on, the kitchen stuff is in the living room and soon will be the table and more because the floor needs to be fixed which is going to be expensive…

I may not have a Christmas tree this year!

And, it’s my son’s


I promised myself that I won’t cry.

Have a happy holiday everyone and be thankful for what you have!

10 Comments on “Life Update – house emergency

  1. Oh no. Don’t cry. Can you still get a tiny tree for your living room space? Or set up a little ‘Christmas corner’ with some decorations instead of a tree? It’s still going to be a magical Christmas regardless as it’s baby’s first. Sending you lots of happy thoughts and hoping you have a merry Christmas through it all.

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