Life Update 2 – house emergency

Hello my beautiful friends and readers,

Life Update – house emergency

It’s going to take longer to count up the winners from my trivia party. I’m really sorry about that but that means you have until December 31st to join in the party. 1 days until release of Follow the Snowflakes – Post #25 (see pinned post for contest rules) #swag #bookswag #contest #prereleaseparty @kernerangelina

Why? Because I have a house emergency!


The tent!

IMG_7568 IMG_7566

My floor! My walls!

Merry Christmas to me!

I did find my little tree and added some ornaments, but no where to put it.

IMG_7572 So it’s something! OH, you guys see that tiger with the baby tiger ornament? I bought that ornament when I was pregnant. I thought that it was cute that it was a Mommy with her her baby tiger. ^__^


My plumber is coming over in an hour or so! Finally!!!


Have a happy holiday everyone and be thankful for what you have!

Thank you for your good thoughts!

19 thoughts on “Life Update 2 – house emergency

    1. Thank you Simon! The workers said that it’s going to take at least 7 days for the floor to dry. And then, I get to hire a guy to make new walls and then a guy can put down the floor.

      Happy Christmas!


      1. Yep. I’m going to try to get away for a night to a hotel or something, away from all the noise and to give my baby a break from the noise! Fingers crossed!

        Thank you!!!


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