Why do authors write? #amwriting #amreading #books #author

Is it because we’re good at it? Is it because we enjoy it?

Everyday, authors post about bookish things – well, the authors who blog anyway. We post about writing tips, about our own books, and about our author journey. Once in a while, we write about random stuff. But, that is blog posts.

Why do we write books?

I can’t talk for every author, but I can mention three things on why I write books – 

  • I’m not sure a 100% that I’m good at it, but I have stories inside my head that I want to share with the world and the best way to share is to publish. I can always write and share it with my friends, but according to them – all write and they don’t have time to read all of their friends works. Internet strangers become our best friends and even better if they review. Shameless plug -Please read my novels and leave reviews. I need to get past 20 reviews on each book!
  • I enjoy it. When I share my work with others, I become giddy and excited. I think up different scenarios in my head of their future reactions. Sometimes, it’s about good responses and sometimes it’s about the bad ones. Either way, I loved the responses from Lily on my latest book that is with my editor at the moment. The best thing about that feedback was that she read the raw, unedited version with a TON of mistakes! Love that girl.
  • Books are an endless pool of knowledge. Thanks to writing, I learned that my English is horrible! I accept it and that’s why some deity created editors and proofreaders. Thank the deity for those awesome people. I also learned about marketing techniques that actually help me bargain in other areas of my life.

If you’re an author, why do you write? Who are you thankful for, that helps you with your writing?

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10 Comments on “Why do authors write? #amwriting #amreading #books #author

  1. Well, I’m not an author (yet), but I do love writing and it is a dream of mine to have a book published and to see it on a shelf in a book store one day. What I’ve realised really helps me is to write by hand, the first draft that is. I get way too distracted if I am writing on the computer and the words don’t flow as easily. I also tend to start editing (which keeps me from completing the story). So yes, handwriting is definitely something that helps 🙂


    • Very nice! That is why I always recommend having a notebook and a pen handy – to write down ideas and or write the next chapter.

      Editing! Grrr. I would suggest ‘don’t’ because it will be stop you from moving forward as you said. I’m guilty of the same, although, I finally succeeded with my book that is currently with my editor.
      I edited nothing and focused on writing it and adding material. At the same time as writing the book, I gave my book to my editor for manuscript critique which helped me polish the book. I would have edited in between, but a deadline for handing it to my editor helped me with focusing on writing and not editing.

      I think that you will get published, I can’t wait to read what you will share with us ^_^ Try finding an editor and agree on the date for handing the manuscript. Give yourself a month to finish writing and hand it in. I can recommend two editors!

      My editor said – “I’m just finishing my second pass on chapter two. It is slow going as there are a lot of revisions. That’s not a criticism, just a fact. I still like the story, it just needs some work.” And, I’m totally fine with it. ^_^ I’m crossing my fingers that she will continue liking the story and not hating me lol

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  2. I wish I could see myself be called as an author someday…..
    Anybody’s situation or any scenario walking in front of me gave some or the other idea to walk up on.
    Wish me luck


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