Casino Review: Chumash Casino Resort, Santa Ynez, Ca

Casino Name: Chumash Casino Resort

Casino Location: 3400 CA-246, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Stars: 4 stars

I have been several times to this casino and I play in the non-smoking section. They have been really accommodating. I went with my mom, sister, niece, and my son. They allowed us to bring in my son and niece into the food court (underage) which was great because we could check on them in between playing; although they weren’t alone. They were either with me or my sister.

At the food court, we ordered chow mein. My son loved it. He ate it up fast. Hehe. I got my niece sushi and she was extremely happy about it. For me, I got pizza. It was really good pizza. After my sister walked around the play area, she returned and I went to join Mom in the non-smoking section. I started with $20, lost to $2 and then won up to $55 so I ended up winning $35. Woot woot. I stopped there. Then, I watched mom finish her game and we left.

The reason I say it’s 4 stars is because the slot machines lie. Well, in other words, there’s no more machines that 1 cent. They say 1 cent, but the lowest that one can bet on those is 30 cents. So, long ago, one could play on $20 for a much longer time than now. It’s probably a good thing because then one spends less time at the casino. Just saying.

I wonder what will happen on my next trip. 😉


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