Hotel Review: Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, California

Hotel Name: Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa/Newport Beach

Hotel location: 325 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Stars: 5 stars

Okay, this hotel was very pretty and usually costs about $200 for a room with two queen beds. We got a king room with a king bed and a couch. The room cost about $150. The bed was comfortable and had gold sheets- well the cover. My son had a lot of room to run around. The television was high enough for him not to able to touch and there was a restaurant inside the hotel.

We didn’t try the restaurant because it was expensive and they didn’t have food that my son could eat. When I asked about pasta, they said that they could make him just the pasta without anything for $6. Really? He’s a toddler, he barely eats through his plate and here there was just pasta without anything for $6. Yeah, not happening.

While exploring the room, my son found an m&m! An old one. I wasn’t happy and called the front desk that the cleaning crew didn’t clean very well. I told them that my son found it and it couldn’t have been us because he doesn’t eat chocolate and I don’t have chocolate around him so it couldn’t have been ours. They apologized and said they can send in the crew but by then we were finally resting and I declined. When we were checking out, I asked for a further discount because of the m&m. Considering that I didn’t know what would have happened if my son did consume it, I felt that a discount was in order. We received 20% off the room. Very good.

I have to say that it’s been an adventure this vacation with hotels. It was nice to see a hotel that treated us well. Thank you to the two managers.

The hotel also had a pool and a Jacuzzi. We enjoyed some time in the water, although the water was cold. My son didn’t complain. We used his floaty. ^_^

I told the managers that in the future, we will be using their hotel.



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