Hotel review: Travelodge, Costa Mesa, Ca

Hotel name: Travelodge by Wyndham Orange County Airport/ Costa Mesa

Hotel location: 1400 Bristol St Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Stars: 2

So, I was in a good mood, getting to the hotel. Before we got to the hotel, we stopped to get gas, like 5 exits before this one and I won $3 at the gas station. Then, it got bad.

We got into a car accident on Bear and Bristol. We were turning onto Bristol from Bear on our green and someone rammed into us. I was mad but on euphoria because my son was okay. I called the police and they didn’t come because no one was injured. Only later, I started to have back pain. So my vacation was ruined! Grrr.

Anyway. We came to the hotel and got a room. We didn’t have a reservation. We asked for a room with two queen beds and received a room with full beds. Okay. Was fine with that. Then because of the accident we had to get two more nights, we received one more and that’s where it’s 3 stars. We needed a third night and asked the reception to give us one more night.

Honestly – rude. They said that they would know in the morning if there was a room available. We told them that according to, there were many rooms available. They said to order online then. We asked why should we do it online when we were right in front of them. After that we went in circles on the subject. They even looked at my mom like she was stupid. That’s the part that we didn’t like. We left the reception, went to our room and called the hotel down the street. They didn’t tell us that we had to check in the morning about a room and so we switched hotels.

This is a cheaper hotel then the one we went to next, but it was a good location that was near my friend’s house and close to the airport for those why fly. Our next hotel was more expensive, although we received a good deal for that night.

I also believe that the cleaning crew tried cleaning our room before we checked out. Annoying.

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