Book Review: Chastely Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 1)

Book Title: Chastely Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 1) cb

Book Author: Lexi C. Foss

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This book has been making me go back-and-forth. At times, I had to skip the sexual scenes (for readers 18 and over) and at others, the author made me question our reality. Yes, this is paranormal fiction, but also in a way, how it’s written, its written very well were I could see it happening. Although, I would really love it if our future didn’t reveal these type of hidden societies.

The ideas of all powerful vampires and treating humans like cattle is interesting. For a long time, Juliet didn’t know how to be herself because she didn’t have herself. She was a shell, bred and taught to act a certain way in order to survive. At one point of the book, I made a decision to not read the second book,  but the ending made me want to do it. I want to read what else Lexi has in store for her readers.

This is a book for readers who don’t mind reading sexual scenes and love to read about different realities and or futures.

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