Book Review: Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2)

Book Title: Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2) cb2

Book Author: Lexi C. Foss

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This book has also been making me go back-and-forth. It is well written and I’m happy that I read it. My favorite part was when Jace, Darius, and Kylan got together and started playing their vampire game of who’s the villan and who’s the good guy. Loved it. I was laughing.

This story is between Kylan and Rae, a girl who wanted a chance at immortality and instead got sent into Kylan’s harem. There are rumors around him being nuts which puts Rae into an interesting position. Who is the real Kylan? Rae is different from Juliet. She had access to a television, was able to built a secret friendship with two humans, and is very defiant. All in all, a perfect lamb for Kylan.

This is a book for readers who don’t mind reading sexual scenes and love to read about different realities and or futures. It’s a great continuation to book 1. There will be a book 3 that will open up the world of lycans. Exciting.

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