Book Review: Listen

Book Title: Listen

Book Author: Robin Rance

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This is a very well written novel by Robin Ranice. It is also a very powerful romance story that has romance, sadness, memories, loss, and thoughts about life and death.

The book for the first half of the story is from Tansy’s point of view and later on changes to Boss man. In the last chapters, it goes back and forth. When it starts from Boss man, be ready to go down memory lane because some events reoccur because it is told from his perspective. We get to learn why he reacted to Tansy the way he did (which is very important).

Tansy and boss man felt very real to me and at times, I felt their tears and emotions.

This story is for those who had some loss and who are okay with reading sad stories that have happy endings.

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