Book Review: The Surrogate: A Tale of Two Loves #DNF

Book Title: The Surrogate: A Tale of Two Loves rebekah book

Book Author: Rebekah Dodson

Rating: N/A


Surrogate is a well written book with characters that feel real and have fun and entertaining dialogue.

There were some things that led me to not finish the book. I even looked at the last pages of the book to motivate me and they didn’t help. They just made me mad is all.

The main character is a 38 year old psychologist whose son is in college. She chose to never marry and pushed away the man of her dreams to the brink were he married someone else… all the while sticking close to her and help her raise her son. What’s more he made sure to meet with out heroine in secret from his wife. She would show up and leave before his wife would…there would be no sex or anything. Just spending time together.

After having a close call with the man of her dreams, she gets out to an Irish bar and meets a nice man.  Her friend’s idea. It wasn’t because her life is boring as the blurb on amazon says, it’s to finally forget the man that she cannot have. I know right? Loved that part. However, the man of her dreams have other ideas and gets mad when she has a night of passion. Not because he cares but because he wants her to be his surrogate… the best part is that his wife doesn’t even he’s looking for a surrogate! I mean seriously. That’s when his true colors get through and I stopped reading at the end of chapter 7 because I saw that she was going to let herself be abused. I was in her case, I would have gone to the police…. police out of town or anything to not become a surrogate. Sean sounded like he could handle himself unlike her past men.

At 38 is very hard to have children…for the mother… lots of health issues which the asshole didn’t think through.

In the last pages of the book, something happens that Pissed me off as hell.

I don’t think a woman of her intelligence would have gone through all that and for a man, especially how she thought about men for most of her life. That is why I stopped reading. I got this book on Valentine’s Day because I heard it was free and thought it would be a happy one…. nope. It’s not worth more of my time and this review helped me get it out of my system. I don’t want to read about blackmail and her thinking. Not a good read. I would not classify that this book is in the romance genre.

However, just because I couldn’t finish the book, doesn’t mean others won’t. If you like to read about Irish men, you may like it.

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