Book Review: Beautiful Worlds (Faery Realm #3)

Book Title: Beautiful Worlds (Faery Realm #3) bw

Book Author:  Jennifer Ridge

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This is an interesting book 3. We hardly get any appearances by Alexis and none from Molly. I think… It’s a long book. We meet a Seer who’s a human girl with a tendency to change her appearances so the fae won’t remember her. This gal is strong and knows a lot about the fae. Along the journey, we get to see Jynx and Finch. Finch opens up and we learn her point of views on humans and her relationship with Lark. Lots going on. I don’t know how many books the series will have but I’m looking forward to seeing how Alexis and the Seer will work together.

For 17+ who like adventure, romance and traveling between worlds. The cover is imaginative.

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