Book Review: Divided Worlds (Faery Realm #2)

Book Title: Divided Worlds (Faery Realm #2) dw

Book Author:  Jennifer Ridge

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I love the second cover than for book 1. We have three point of views. We learn about what’s inside Keir’s mind and more about his darkness. We learn more about Alexis and what actually happened to Molly while she was in the fae realm. There will definitely be a third book and I’m really looking forward to it. ^_^ I’m loving the adventure and all of the new characters. My favorite character is Jynx. I think I can get along with her very well. I loved her dress for the ball. I so want one.

For 17+ who like adventure, romance and traveling between worlds. Plus the cover is very pretty.

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