A thank you to second day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

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Sept. 4th

Nesie’s Place (Promo)


Thank you so much for being part of the tour! Felicia’s also an author and her books are powerful!



The Ghastly Grimoire (Promo)


This looks fantastic. This blog looks really unique and has an interesting outline. I love the website logo image. It’s so eye catchy!



The Bookworm Drinketh (Review)


My Tuesday morning was a blast thanks to this review. ^_^

Nicole said, “I was not disappointed! This book is essentially “Bones” meets “Supernatural” meets “The Godfather” ! (I’m sorry, Angelina! I know you may not be pleased with the comparison judging by your writing! 😂” 4.5 stars

Haha! I don’t mind that at all! I have never seen Supernatural but people love it.

And, I have good news! I’ve planned minimum of 5 books. Book 1 is an introduction to the world that I created and it was really hard to pick what to put in. There will be a lot more of forensics in book 2 – 3 skeletons worth and that’s all that I’ll say on the matter. 😉 So, don’t worry there’s lots in the planning and I have an idea for the cover for book 2 and my cover artist, Acacia, loves it!!! I apologize, I don’t mean to tease you. lol

I love the drink! I’ll go shopping to Bevmo over the weekend to get the ingredients!

I’m pairing you up with with this dragon –



Excitement is in the air – #thescentedbones #upcomingbooktour

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Hey everyone,

The book tour starts on Monday for The Scented Bones !!!!! *girl squeal*

bt pic

It’s going to be fantastic.

There will be a giveaway, another necklace!


I have updated the look of the website! Let me know what you guys think and I updated the Home page! It has links to my recent book review, interview, and location review! Woot Woot!


Direct links to the #thescentedbones #trailerreveal @shanannigans81

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Check out the link above to read a little something about each fantastic blogger that made today special!!!!!

R&R Book Tours

The Haunted Grave Books (Renee)

Crystal’s Book World

The Cozy Pages

The Most Sublime


Jessica Rachow

The Bookworm Drinketh (Nicole)

Tranquil Dreams (Kim)

Loving Life Everyday (Laura)

Audio Killed the Bookmark (Berit)

Errin Krystal

Just 4 My Books (Lynne)

Bri’s Book Nook (Bri)

Touch My Spine Book Reviews (Dani)

J Bronder Book Reviews (Jessica)

There will be a giveaway for The Scented Bones book trailer reveal and book tour

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@niyaarch Instagram

Hey everyone,

The book trailer reveal and book tour will be really fun. ^_^

My sister is making necklaces – limited edition 😉 One necklace for the book trailer and one necklace for the book tour. Three will be given to three lucky betas and the others will be kept safe for future giveaways. Check out the above link for a preview on how they look!

August 10 – Book Trailer reveal. Here’s what @shanannigans81 thinks of the trailer – “Wow! It looks like a movie trailer! It’s fantastic.”

My response was – “Whooo hooo!”

Book Tour is happening during the week of September 3 to September 7 – https://readsandreels.com/blog-tour-sign-up-the-scented-bones-by-angelina-kerner/  

There’s still time to join in if you’re a blogger and show up to the awesome blogs during those dates for some awesome posts.

I’ll be doing a thank you post to the bloggers again!!! Whooo hooo!!!


ata (1)

Angel Svabodina is a rookie forensic anthropologist, enjoying the beginning of her new career. That joy comes crashing down when she figures out the skeleton she’s working on is not human and then it vanishes.

She throws herself fully into the case without thinking about the parties involved, a psychopomp associate, and paranormal mafia families made up of vampires and werewolves—or the consequences.

When she sees there’s no avoiding the inevitable, Angel has to suck it up and work with the werewolves to solve the case but can she trust them?

Werewolves and witches are in a centuries-old feud, but that doesn’t stop the shivers running down her spine from one wolf in particular. Rights and wrongs become blurred, as she is tormented by her past and accepting who she truly is while searching for the skeleton. What’s more, nothing comes for free, including information. To get what she needs from the werewolf don, Angel has to meet with the fae queen. Can she meet her without repercussions and solve the case?


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The Scented Bones #CoverReveal direct links to #amazingbloggers who made today a #success! Part 3

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Port Jerricho

Meet the #team behind The Scented Bones: The Svabodina Case Files #1

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Here’s links to some of the team members if you would like to check out their services:

Manuscript critique/Proofreader: S. Jeyran Main https://jeyranmain.com/

Editor in Chief: Eve Arroyo www.evearroyo.com

Cover artist: Acacia Parker http://acaciakparker.com

Fae consultant: Lily Shadowlyn http://www.thefaeriereview.com/