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Deity’s Soulmate Trivia Post 3/5

Hey everyone, Don’t miss the Trivia posts in my Blog! From November 20th to December 14th, I’ll be celebrating Follow the Snowflakes with trivia! Comment, like, or share the day’s post for entries to win swag. The more you participate, the better chance you have at winning!… Continue Reading “Deity’s Soulmate Trivia Post 3/5”

Book Cover Reveal: Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner

Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner As an indie author I love having a juicy secret— having my book cover all to myself… and my editors/illustrators. Today’s reveal is exciting because it brings us back in time to my first published novel with style.… Continue Reading “Book Cover Reveal: Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner”