Plans for my third book

Hey everyone,

Book 3 is in the works and by book 3 means that it would be my third published book.


Zack Maxwell. Falling in love with him was supposed to be the easiest thing ever. It was supposed to happen instantly. Or so that’s what everyone said because he claimed that he’s my soulmate.

Seeing him in the flames brought me to Thame from the nether world. Talking to him sent new sensations that built on the bond from birth. However, I would have to fight to be with him.

My aunt tells me of my destiny of taking her place as the head of the phoenixes. For that to happen, I need to have my soulmate by my side. Zack’s father has other plans and a competition for my hand in marriage is announced to happen during the Red Festival.

I am forced to play my part, but I am strong, modern, and smart. The rules are set and if I don’t like the winner, I have a right to challenge him. If Zack fails to win, I’ll fight one of the other seven princes for a chance to be truly happy.

But, my greatest challenge may lie within the static voice that appears out of nowhere when I am alone, scaring me to the core. What is that voice? What does it want? Does it belong to one of the princes?  What will happen when it gets revealed?

So far I have:

  • 11 chapters.
  • Character profiles
  • Descriptions of locations
  • Diagrams
  • Books for research
  • 50 page drawing pad
  • new colored pencils
  • Chapter summaries

What you think? Coming along nicely?

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