Book Review:Striker Jones: Elementary Economics for Elementary Detectives

Title: Striker Jones: Elementary Economics for Elementary Detectives striker

Author: Maggie M. Larche

Source: Received as a gift for an honest book review

My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints d5d4d3d2d1

This is a one fun book. A parent can have their middle grade kid chapter by chapter  to read because each chapter has a lesson. I found Striker Jones to be the young version of Shawn Spencer from Psych. The link goes to IMBD.


Shawn Spencer and Gus Guster

Shawn is one of the main characters in the show and I found him entertaining. Striker seems to the young version of him, except Striker uses his skills of observation for  events that kids can relate to.

A couple of my favorite chapters involved, shoe prints in concrete, the scarfs for Christmas, eggs hunt, arcade… if I keep going… you guys won’t have anything to look forward to. The ending was terrific ^_^ It’s one exciting ride.

I recommend this to parents and kids in middle school. Stay tuned for book 2 review coming up soon.

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