Book Review: Killer Cupcakes

Book Title: Killer Cupcakescupcakes

Book Author: Leighann Dobbs

Source: Free on Amazon.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

I adore free books, especially if they are by one of my favorite authors. I believe this is a first book by Leighann that I read that didn’t have a paranormal aspect to it which is also fun.

First of all, the cover is very cute. The cupcakes don’t look killer at all and it promises to be a good read with all that pink.

Second of all, I miss my grandmother. She would have liked to hang out with the modern tech-savvy elderly ladies of the Ladies Detective Club. That made this cozy mystery all the better! I had it all pictured in my head when Lexy learned about her grandmother’s activities and that they have the latest iPad’s. Priceless!

So a bit about the book. Someone gets killed. Lexy is a top suspect and the cop in charge is her hot next door neighbor. Lexy owns a bakery and wants to solve the case before the cops cause it’s hurting her business so she seeks advice from the club, thinks up suspects with her best friend/employee, and eats burgers with the cop. What a fun mix. ^_^

Also, I loved the play on the word- Darling. That was a really nice touch!

Highly recommend to cozy mystery lovers!



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