Deity’s Soulmate Trivia Post 2/5

Hey everyone,

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lineI decided to have a practice run for the 25 days of Follow the Snowflakes Trivia Party Starts November 20 #swag #kernerangelina #contest #pre-release party with Deity’s Soulmate – my fantasy novel. I’ll post one new trivia once a day this week. Please share, comment, and like!

Let’s do this!

Oh, guess there’s needs to be an incentive for this sooo There will be 3 lucky winner to get a Kindle of Deity’s Soulmate! One for likes, one for comments, and one for shares. 


quote 11


book blurb (1)


Deity’s Soulmate is an adventure. It’s about a goddess named Gardenia, who travels the stars in search of teachers. Those teachers just happen to be dragons.

The first dragon that she found was Villam. He’s a big and serious type of guy. Also, the twin dragons are related to him. Read the book to find out how.

Gardenia finds him in a dark cave.

garden on villam

If you were writing the story and you had to have Gardenia look for a dragon, where do you think that she would find one?

Universe of possibilities!

Thank you!

Angelina Kerner

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