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lineI decided to have a practice run for the 25 days of Follow the Snowflakes Trivia Party Starts November 20 #swag #kernerangelina #contest #pre-release party with Deity’s Soulmate – my fantasy novel. I’ll post one new trivia once a day this week. Please share, comment, and like!

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book blurb
From author Angelina Kerner (Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted) comes an all-new fantasy series about Gardenia, a daughter of Athena, and her 100 years of coursework on how to create whole new worlds and subjects of her own.
A sheltered schoolchild in a realm of condescending gods and goddesses, Gardenia goes to Earth on a dare to witness the unsavory side of mankind for herself. Believing she can do better, she undertakes the formation of an entire galaxy, but without permission from Zeus.
Zeus disciplines her by assigning an epic 13-fold creational lesson destined to take her a century to complete.  But he is taken aback once more when she makes an odd choice.  She vows to fulfill this knowledge quest by tracking down a lost race of dragons, and discovering the secrets they’ve kept since time began.
Searching the universe to meet even one dragon may be a fool’s errand, but that’s the least of her worries.  For ancient wartime resentments linger between the nations of dragons and deities, and some dragons would attack Gardenia on sight!
Yet she ventures out undaunted, learning unexpected things about nomadic life, tender love, and mortal peril along the way.  The biggest surprise of all, though, goes by the name of Ri.  Ri may be the man of her dreams, the voice in her head, the dragon she’s seeking, or all these things and more…
Meanwhile, the Fates brew sordid plans of their own and Hera jealously sets traps and trials for Gardenia at every chance.  What’s a young goddess to do?  Flight or fight?
book blurb (1)
These Gods and Goddesses appear in Deity’s Soulmate:

Gardenia: Doesn’t exist. She’s a made-up character. Goddess of Creation.

Athena: Greek Goddess. Goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy, and handicrafts. She’s Gardenia’s mother.  A bad singer but a good mother. She meets one of the dragons – Villam. She’s the creator of  the Milky Way Galaxy.

Repun Kamui: Ainu God. God of Water.

Hermes: Greek God. God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, language, and writing. He’s the creator of the Black Eye Galaxy.

Apollo- Greek God. God of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty, and archery. That’s a lot! Gardenia likes him very much and thinks of him as her father. Apollo is the creator of the Nest Way Galaxy.

Zeus: Greek God. King of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice. Gardenia is not a fan. He’s the creator of the Pinwheel Galaxy.

Hera: Greek Goddess. Queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. Hates Gardenia with a passion. She’s a problem to Gardenia.

Harvest: Doesn’t exist. Shes’s a made-up character. Goddess of Creation. Hera’s favorite daughter. Harvest is older than Gardenia but not by much. She wants to be better than her and to prove to everyone that she’s all that. Think Mean Girls.

Aphrodite – Greek Goddess. Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure. She visits Gardenia once or twice. She can be extremely curious. She’s also the creator of Findlandian Galaxy where Gardenia takes a break from studying about dragons.

Hekate: Greek Goddess. The goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She’s Gardenia’s favorite aunt. She is the creator of the Maha Galaxy.

Artemis – Greek Goddess. Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, young girls, childbirth, and plague. Twin sister of Apollo though she hardly cares about Gardenia like many other gods. She’s the creator of the Hoag’s Object Galaxy.

Demeter: Greek Goddess. Goddess of grain, agriculture, harvest, growth, and nourishment.

Ceto: Greek Goddess. Sea Goddess.

Alectrona: Greek Goddess. Goddess of the morning.

Chronus: Greek God. God of time.

Hades: Greek God. God of the underworld and the dead.

Kratos: Greek God. God of strength and power. He’s the creator of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Cupid or Eros: Greek God. The god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection

Ares – Greek God. God of war, bloodshed, and violence. He doesn’t have a big role in book 1, but will have a bigger one in book 2.

Hephaestus: Greek God. God of fire, metalworking, and crafts.

Asclepius: Greek God/hero. God of medicine.

Medeina: Lithuanian Goddess. Ruler of forests, trees and animals. She’s the creator of the Sunflower Galaxy.

My favorite goddess is Hekate. She’s totally awesome and no wonder that she’s Gardenia’s favorite Aunt. 😉

Who’s your favorite God/Goddess? Where are they from and why?

Thank you!

Angelina Kerner

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