Deity’s Soulmate Trivia Post 4/5

Hey everyone,

Don’t miss the Trivia posts in my Blog! From November 20th to December 14th, I’ll be celebrating Follow the Snowflakes with trivia! Comment, like, or share the day’s post for entries to win swag. The more you participate, the better chance you have at winning! Participate for a chance to win puzzles, magnets, signed copies, and other items.

lineI decided to have a practice run for the 25 days of Follow the Snowflakes Trivia Party Starts November 20 #swag #kernerangelina #contest #pre-release party with Deity’s Soulmate – my fantasy novel. I’ll post one new trivia once a day this week. Please share, comment, and like! Let’s do this!

Oh, guess there’s needs to be an incentive for this sooo There will be 3 lucky winner to get a Kindle of Deity’s Soulmate! One for likes, one for comments, and one for shares. 


quote 10


book blurb (1)


Gardenia has a 100 years of learning about creation… a 100!

One can imagine that time had to flow differently from time to time during the story line.

There were two instances that made the time go faster. One, she put herself to dream about the past of the gods and the other she sped time in order to learn about one day of creation.

If you could live for hundreds of years and had an ability to fast forward time, would you do it? Or would you want to live every second of your existence?

Thank you!

Angelina Kerner

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