Book Review: The Dread King (The Harbinger #3) @rrbooktours1 @CandaceWondrak

Book Title: The Dread King (The Harbinger #3) tf2

Book Author: Candace Wondrak

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Okay so this one had even more surprises, especially with what Faith learns about her past with the Dread King. Faith is confused about her destiny. The Dread King is doing things differently. It’s worse than a prophesy, more of a curse. All characters learn something about themselves and start to accept things when it comes to Faith, she included.

After reading the next book, I am confused on why “him coming for her” is a bad thing. Again, you have to read to learn what I’m talking about. This book is for 18+. There’s sex, mention of suicide and if you don’t like one sharing one person with many, you may not like this. It’s an exciting world that Candace has created and I love all the imagery.

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