Book Review: The Fellowship (The Harbinger #2)@rrbooktours1 @CandaceWondrak

Book Title: The Fellowship (The Harbinger #2) tf

Book Author: Candace Wondrak

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

So I read the first book thanks to Shannon for a book tour in 2018. A week ago I saw that Candace has 3 more books out and bought them all and binged read. Considering I have a 40 hour job and am a mother, that took some work but so worth it.

I didn’t even guess how the books are going to proceed, especially with more handsome men showing up. Knowing who the bad guys were, like only in book 4, you get a real glimpse on who the bad guy is! Also, with the fellowship, it’s hard to choose who I like best in my book boyfriend lol Anyway, this is a fast read and for 18+. There’s lots of sexy time so its a good read if you like that certain thing. It doesn’t steer you away from the story which is good and actually as the story moves along, one may actually be okay with what’s she’s doing. You have to read to know what I mean.

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