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Book Review: The Lionheart (The Harbinger #4) @rrbooktours1 @CandaceWondrak

Book Title: The Lionheart (The Harbinger #4) tf3

Book Author: Candace Wondrak

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Okay so umm a little spoiler. Faith looses her memories which had me on edge. I was like – remember him. Come on, remember him and him and him…. okay why are you remembering that word when you need to think about your situation. It was safe to say I was laughing at myself. This book makes you blush.

A lot of things are revealed and you can take a guess with what happens in book 5 thanks to the ending at book 4. I have to say, I’m not fully happy with the ending of book 4. It has me on edge and feeling a little sad. I have no idea what will happen in book 5 but I’ll be there to read it.

This book is for 18+. There’s sex, mention of suicide and if you don’t like one sharing one person with many, you may not like this. I loved it and I didn’t think I would after I saw the relationships. I’m a mellow type of girl but the story really pulls you in. Can’t wait till book 5.

Book Review: The Dread King (The Harbinger #3) @rrbooktours1 @CandaceWondrak

Book Title: The Dread King (The Harbinger #3) tf2

Book Author: Candace Wondrak

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Okay so this one had even more surprises, especially with what Faith learns about her past with the Dread King. Faith is confused about her destiny. The Dread King is doing things differently. It’s worse than a prophesy, more of a curse. All characters learn something about themselves and start to accept things when it comes to Faith, she included.

After reading the next book, I am confused on why “him coming for her” is a bad thing. Again, you have to read to learn what I’m talking about. This book is for 18+. There’s sex, mention of suicide and if you don’t like one sharing one person with many, you may not like this. It’s an exciting world that Candace has created and I love all the imagery.

Book Review: The Fellowship (The Harbinger #2)@rrbooktours1 @CandaceWondrak

Book Title: The Fellowship (The Harbinger #2) tf

Book Author: Candace Wondrak

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

So I read the first book thanks to Shannon for a book tour in 2018. A week ago I saw that Candace has 3 more books out and bought them all and binged read. Considering I have a 40 hour job and am a mother, that took some work but so worth it.

I didn’t even guess how the books are going to proceed, especially with more handsome men showing up. Knowing who the bad guys were, like only in book 4, you get a real glimpse on who the bad guy is! Also, with the fellowship, it’s hard to choose who I like best in my book boyfriend lol Anyway, this is a fast read and for 18+. There’s lots of sexy time so its a good read if you like that certain thing. It doesn’t steer you away from the story which is good and actually as the story moves along, one may actually be okay with what’s she’s doing. You have to read to know what I mean.

The Harbinger Blog Tour: Review @Shanannigans81 @rrbooktours1

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Welcome to my stop on the launch tour for Candace Wondrak’s The Harbinger! This a fast and amazing read that I was happy to read. At the beginning of requesting, I wasn’t sure because it’s about students but I loved it. All characters have great attitude…more or less. 😉


TheHarbinger CoverThe Harbinger (Book #1)

Genre: Reverse Harem/ Fantasy

Expected Publication Date: November 5th, 2018


The rules of the Second, a list by Faith Blackwell.

One: technology doesn’t work. The Second doesn’t need electricity when it has magic. Two: don’t trust anyone. The Second’s races—the Elven, the Malus, the Ulen and the Dracon—are way too pretty to trust. Three: when someone tells you you’re the new Harbinger, believe them. Bad things happen if you don’t.

Back in the sixties, the last Harbinger permanently opened the gateways between Earth and the Second. Humanity grew accordingly. Faith is in her fifth year at the Academy, with her sight set on joining the Division, the branch of government that enforces what most law enforcement can’t, like smuggling goods between worlds. Following her mother’s footsteps has always been the plan.

Of course, she doesn’t want to follow them to a T. Her mother had awful luck with men, as did her grandma. Faith wouldn’t mind finding out what’s so special about a man that it has her quirky grandma swearing at them constantly. A field trip to the Second is just what she needs.

Being the first female Harbinger in the Second’s history and having to face down the realm’s most dangerous Dracon, also known as the ridiculously-named Dread King? Not what she needs.

Faith isn’t a hero. That sort of responsibility is not what she wants. The perks that come with it—like a sexy but infuriating Elf, a flirty Malus, and a quiet and pensive Ulen—well, maybe for them she’ll make an exception to her grandma’s no-man rule.

Maybe she’ll have them all.


Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Book Review

Look at that beautiful cover! Eye catchy.

Anyway, I loved this book and hoping that the author will send me book 2 out of the goodness out of her heart. *hint hint hint*

Also, the main character is witty, talkative and really fun, same goes for the male lead. Both of them have attitude and I loved all those smell and ugly comments. I haven’t read about this type of characters in a while. It was really refreshing.

This is a fast read that you wouldn’t want to put down.


The Harbinger is the first in a slow-burn, reverse harem fantasy series. Expect eventual hot and steamy scenes, coupled with the Chosen One trope, and a heroine who will reluctantly try to save a world that isn’t hers.

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One Elf in particular caught Faith’s eye. He stood in the front of the group, surveying each student with disdain in his deep blue eyes. His hair was a light yellow, cut short in the way that she heard was popular among Elven warriors. A bow clung to his back. He was tall; they all were. Definitely over six feet.

“This is what can be if you treat nature correctly,” the blonde Elf spoke snidely, turning to face the teacher, who was clearly the eldest of the group. “Welcome to the Springsweet of Alyna. Anything you have packed to bring will be brought across while we commence. We waste no time here. We will break off into the pre-chosen groups and start your shadowing today. Only ask of your mentor things that deal with his or her trade. Any other questions—” There was a pause as he frowned, a strange sight on such a pretty man. “—can wait until the gathering, which we will have every night. As it is the first time for some of our tutors, I expect that if they should have questions in return, you will do your best to explain. This is not a fun trip. This is a trip where we learn more about each other. Learn to live in harmony.”

Faith looked to Cara, pursing her lips. The Elf didn’t sound like he wanted harmony. But Cara was too engrossed, staring with wide eyes at the pretty specimen before them. Faith definitely had to have a talking with her as soon as she could. Cara couldn’t go through this entire trip slack-jawed and weak at the knees.

The Elf continued to explain, introducing his comrades—a mixture of beautiful men and women who didn’t look a day over thirty—who were apparently the tutors the fifth years were going to follow, depending on which thing they signed up for. Faith tuned out after he introduced the Elf in charge of the apothecary students; a pretty woman with a long, flowing dress and an equally long name that Faith would never remember, nor would she try to.

Turning her gaze back to the castle, Faith studied it more. A gust of wind blew past her, and a tingling sensation crept up her arms beneath her long sleeves. Her Victi itched, but she dared not draw attention to herself and her illegally-gotten tattoos. The Elven knew as much about Victus as any person in the Academy. Plus, with her streak, they’d tattle on her like Finn did.

A chill grew on her spine, causing her to shiver for a moment in spite of the warm, unobstructed sun overhead. Faith felt an elbow on her side, turning to attention to find that the blonde Elf singled her out.

Of course. She wasn’t even here an hour yet and she was already going to get in trouble.

“You. Repeat what I said,” he commanded, his level of sternness matched by only her mother and Tullie back home.

“Welcome, welcome, here’s my boring introduction. Don’t worry, though, I promise things’ll get funner around here, starting when I leave, because I bring a foul attitude anywhere I go,” Faith rattled off, which admittedly was probably not the best thing to do. Around her a few of her classmates laughed.

“Ooh, a funny one. I pity the tutor you’ll be spending the next seven days with.”

Faith would’ve given him the finger, but she wasn’t certain that he’d know what it meant, so she settled with a shrug.

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About the Author


Hey guys! I’m a writer, an office worker, a wife, a mother to two dogs and two cats, and half of a strange pair of young adults who flip the houses they’re living in with the goal of having no mortgage (so that I can eventually focus on my writing career!). Needless to say, I’m busy.

Still, I somehow find time to write, to read, and to enjoy life. Wish there were more hours in the day, really!

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