A ‘How to’ Guide to Writing a Novel

1. The Novel Has a Clear Purpose What is the novel’s intention? Are you achieving it? Designing the concept helps to begin writing, your ideas are driven by that purpose. Novels help people connect with stories on personal levels. Whether you’re writing about family values, paranormal romance, a memoir, your novel’s purpose helps readers understand your theme orContinue reading “A ‘How to’ Guide to Writing a Novel”

Book Review: Fated Memories

Novel Title: Fated Memories Author: Joan Carney Source: Gifted by the author for an honest review Score: 4 Dragon Prints  Joan Carney’s, Fated Memories, novel was a fantastic read. It transports the reader to the time of Civil War and follows a group of friends who are lost in the past, Kitty, Mags, and Simon. TheContinue reading “Book Review: Fated Memories”

#FirstLineFriday Tag

“My first time taking a bus in this town and what’s worse is that I was just hit with a card in my face. I pick up the card and notice that it’s a tarot card. Now what?” The first line of a novel that doesn’t exist yet and hasn’t been started yet. What do you think? DeidraContinue reading “#FirstLineFriday Tag”

Book Review: Wit’ch Fire

Title: Wit’ch Fire  Author: James Clemens Source: Bought from a passing bookstore years ago My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints It’s hard to find novels that leave a mark on an individual. Usually, it’s enough to read a novel once. However, when one finds a novel that they will have a pleasure rereading and finding new thingsContinue reading “Book Review: Wit’ch Fire”

Book review: The Mardi Gras Chase

Title: The Mardi Gras Chase  Author: Maggie M. Larche Source: Received as a gift for an honest book review My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints  After finishing reading The Mardi Gras Chase, I realized how awesome it used to be a kid. It made me think of the books that I’ve read when I was a kid,Continue reading “Book review: The Mardi Gras Chase”

My Journey while writing Deity’s Soulmate

My novel :  is a work of paranormal romance mixed with parables, poetry, soap opera and Hellenic cosmology. I absolutely adore the twins, Ri and Ra, and of course, their father Villam.  In the future, I am hoping for my sister to draw them in their human forms. The cover shows Ri in his dragon form…Continue reading “My Journey while writing Deity’s Soulmate”

Book Review: 251 Things to do in Tofino

Title: 251 Things to do in Tofino  Author: Kait Fennell Source: Received as a gift for an honest book review My Rating : 5 Dragon Prints  Before reading “251 Things to do in Tofino,” I have never taken the time to read guide books before. Thank you to the author for letting me know about herContinue reading “Book Review: 251 Things to do in Tofino”

Book Review: The Bathory Curse

Title: The Bathory Curse  Author: Renee Lake Source: Received a free copy for an honest review My Rating : 4 Dragon Prints Before reading The Bathory Curse, I don’t think that I’ve read books that had the ‘real’ Dracula in them. It’s always been about hot young vampires pursuing young mortal girls or young mortal girls fightingContinue reading “Book Review: The Bathory Curse”