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Book Cover Reveal: Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner

Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner As an indie author I love having a juicy secret— having my book cover all to myself… and my editors/illustrators. Today’s reveal is exciting because it brings us back in time to my first published novel with style.… Continue Reading “Book Cover Reveal: Deity’s Soulmate (2nd ed.) by Angelina Kerner”

Deity’s Soulmate: 2nd Edition Book Blurb

Deity’s Soulmate (2nd Edition) Update

Hello everyone, I know that there weren’t a lot of book reviews lately or any talks about other topics. That is because I have been revising Deity’s Soulmate with 3 awesome people! Currently the novel is with 3 beta readers and a proofreader. Yes,… Continue Reading “Deity’s Soulmate (2nd Edition) Update”

Deity’s Soulmate: 2nd Edition

Hi everyone, I have decided to release a second edition of Deity’s Soulmate. I am hoping to publish it in December and will be looking for beta readers in about 3 weeks. If anyone is interested in being a beta reader, please let me… Continue Reading “Deity’s Soulmate: 2nd Edition”

Gardenia and Ri

Sketches of Gardenia with her soulmate, Ri. What do you guys think?

My Journey while writing Deity’s Soulmate

My novel :  is a work of paranormal romance mixed with parables, poetry, soap opera and Hellenic cosmology. I absolutely adore the twins, Ri and Ra, and of course, their father Villam.  In the future, I am hoping for my sister to draw them in… Continue Reading “My Journey while writing Deity’s Soulmate”